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Choosing a place that will care for your child is one of the most important decisions a family will make. We pride ourselves on offering the very best childcare and early childhood education available. Hear what our families have to say!

"My family has been a part of the Rhythm and Rhyme family for close to five years. As a first time mom dropping my daughter off five years ago, I couldn't not have done it without the care, attention, love and dedication from the staff at Rhythm and Rhyme. Now that I have all three children attending Rhythm and Rhyme, I could not imagine being able to handle the day-to-day activities of being a working mom without their help! The curriculum and lessons are well planned out, creative and progressive. My kids come home sharing with me all their learnings. My favorite tradition at Rhythm and Rhyme is the yearly Earth Day project. Every class and staff member creates a project out of recycled materials and displays them in a gallery like setting. They are truly creative and amazing. I love that they get my kids to think beyond the classroom! If you are considering a daycare in Warwick, Rhythm and Rhyme is the place to send your kids because they truly care about your children, they are passionate about teaching and they understand the demands of being working parents!"

"I am a mother of two wonderful boys and an educator for children three to five years old with special needs. As an educator of young children I knew what I wanted for my children in a childcare facility. I looked at many care centers and home daycares before finding Rhythm and Rhyme. As soon as I walked into the center I knew that this was the place. The first amazing part is that it is a family that own and run the center. The number one thing that drew me into the center was what the director Ms. Cathy told me; the children are directed to use their minds and not copy what other children or teachers have created.

As a parent and an educator I look at more than just the skills they are learning. I believe diet and food play a big role in a child’s ability to learn. At Rhythm and Rhyme they provide the children with healthy snacks and encourage them to try different foods. Thank you Ms. Jess for making sure my boys got healthy choices.

Rhythm and Rhyme loves to have family involvement. I took a day off to come in and make a healthy snack with the children. It was so much fun. It also gave me the opportunity to get to know the children and teachers working and playing with my sons.

Most of the teachers in the center are on the floor with the children interacting with them on their level. Learning at this age is not happening at a table it is happening everywhere, through play and reading books. Rhythm and Rhyme fosters this learning style to create inquisitive children with a thirst for exploration and creativity. Both of my boys exited the school knowing the basic readiness skills and the ability to complete daily living tasks independently. They were prepared for their next stage of life, Kindergarten. Thank you; Mr. Ben, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Annmarie, Ms. Sherry and Ms. Peggy for starting my boys off with a love of learning about the world around us."

"Dear Rhythm and Rhyme Family,


We can’t possible thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown to our son. Your classroom environment is fantastic, and has allowed Jack to develop beyond our wildest expectations! The teachers and staff are phenomenal – truly amazing in their dedication to the children and families.


My son started at Rhythm and Rhyme in September 2014, at age 4. Upon entering, he was disengaged from learning, and was struggling socially with his peers. His previous Daycare basically gave up on him. We knew we had to make an immediate change, especially as he was entering into a Pre-school learning environment. How amazingly lucky we were to discover and enroll our son into Rhythm and Rhyme! The changes in his behavior were subtle, at first, but then he began to really flourish under the teachings of Mr. Ben and Ms. Sherry!


You would never know that my son, at one time, struggled in school! He loves to read, learn and play with his friends. He is completely engaged and participates in all the wonderful activities Rhythm and Rhyme provides the children. He is 100% ready for Kindergarten, and we have the staff at Rhythm and Rhyme to thank for that!!


So thank you for helping us realize his potential, and for helping him know he can do anything he puts his mind to!  We know he is on the right track to succeed as he enters into the Warwick school system."


"Our 4 1/2 year old daughter has just completed Pre-k and has been attending Rhythm and Rhyme since 3 months of age. I've watched my daughter progress and grow tremendously.

This place is clean, organized, safe and tailored to a healthy learning environment. Very earth friendly. Children's art projects and accomplishments can be seen throughout the daycare. The curriculum is well thought out and effective. It teaches your child to be creative and gives them the necessary tools to start kindergarten. They spend time outdoors every day, which is important. Security is not an issue. All doors require key entry and the play yard is enclosed. They serve home-made, healthy, and mostly organic food with snacks throughout the day. My daughter loves the teachers and assistants. She glows with excitement when talks about them. This makes me so happy. They care for kids like it's their own. As a parent I'm content and comfortable to leave my daughter in the hands of these incredible teachers. I don't have enough words on how grateful and thankful I am to have such a great daycare/pre-school nearby. Lastly, the owners are warm, friendly, and very accommodating. They also do an excellent job at managing the place. They are like family. I highly recommend them. Keep up the great work to the staff at Rhythm & Rhyme!"


"My children have been going to Rhythm & Rhyme for the last four years now and we have loved every minute of our experience! My son who is 5 and now my daughter who is 2 have had wonderful teachers throughout the years! They have taught them so much and I feel my son will be ahead of his counterparts come September when he starts kindergarten. You really cannot find a more caring group of early childhood educators."

"To all our friends at Rhythm and Rhyme-We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care, education and experiences you have provided for our son over the past year. He was always so enthusiastic to start his day and excited to tell us about it when we picked him up. Your entire staff is so caring, creative and simply amazing  Good luck to you in your future, you run an incredible program with incredible people-our community is lucky to have you."

"I love this daycare already! I was afraid of my daughter going, but they are so laid back and willing to help you with anything. They are open late, I pick my daughter up at 7:30 pm almost every night. I picked up her last night, and she was so happy, just playing and she didn't look worried at all. They give organic snacks and everything, but they also follow your child's schedule that they had at home. They are worth every penny. I would recommend this place to anyone. They are fantastic!"

"I had the pleasure of working at Rhythm and Rhyme for two years as a classroom assistant. I can tell you from an insider's point of view, this is by far my favorite daycare. It a safe, creative environment for children. Classes are educational and all snacks are healthy & fun for the kids to eat! Right from the beginning you are welcomed into this family. You definitely get the small community feeling here. I don't have any children yet myself, so I can only imagine how hard it must be to leave your child in someone else's care... But I do know that when I have my own, they will be coming to Rhythm & Rhyme."

"Our family is proud of your example,blessed by your caring and nurturing..amazed at your energy…and most of all so grateful for a wonderful environment."

"The teachers and staff at Rhythm and Rhyme are fantastic! They provide such wonderful care and creative learning environment for all the children!"

"Thank you for your dedication to the children. You created such a wonderful place for them to be so well cared for, happy and safe. Our daughter learned so much there."

"Thank you for this Great Place, It’s filled with learning, nurturing and most importantly Love."

"Awesome daycare facility. Mr. Ben is the teacher you want your preschooler to have. Both my kids loved having him. The staff is so caring and understanding. Highly recommend it."

"Thank you for having a place with so much love."

Our testimonials are from Google+, Facebook, as well as personal notes, and letters.

All names have been removed / substituted with pronouns to protect the privacy of our families.

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