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Please download the necessary forms below.

Forms required for registration:

  • Use this form to register your child with Rhythm and Rhyme accompanied by a registration fee.



  • Your child’s physician will need to complete this form prior to registration and also periodically.

Medical Statement


Forms necessary upon registration:

  • All infants entering the program require this form to provide Rhythm and Rhyme with your child’s feeding patterns and sleep patterns. We follow your schedule in caring for your infant.

Infant Daily Schedule


  • Please provide a list of persons authorized to regularly pick up or drop off your child from our facility. Children will not be released to anyone not authorized by the primary parent / guardian.

Authorization List for Regular Pick Up / Drop Off



  • Use this form to authorize bus transportation to, and from, our center for your school age child attending Warwick Valley Central School District schools.

Childcare Transportation Request


  • Please fill out the One Call Now form with contacts that will receive our automated emergency messaging service. We use this service to inform families about delays, closings, and other emergency events.

One Call Now


  • Please sign this photography permission form to allow us to take and display pictures of your child.

Photography Permission


  • Please review this supply list to know what supplies are required / suggested for your child in our center.

Supply List



Medication request forms:

Notes on medication forms: 

Any and all medication must be brought to an administration office.

If you have any questions, please see a director.


  • Use the written request form for all medications (prescription or over-the-counter), and medicinal patches, drops, creams, or sprays that are to be administered at the center. This consent form remains valid for 6 months for children 0-5, and one year for children 5 years and older. This form usually requires a physician’s signature.

Medication Consent


  • Use the non-medication consent form for all over-the-counter products to be administered at the center. This includes, but is not limited to, topical ointments, diaper creams, lotions and creams, sprays, sunscreen products, and topically applied insect repellant.

Non-Medication Consent


Additional forms:

  • Use this form, or email a director, to authorize an individual for one time pick up or drop off. Please ensure the individual bring photo identification for verification.

One Time Pick Up / Drop Off


  • If you would like to make changes to your child's schedule please submit this form, or email a director. We require that schedule changes be made in writing.

Schedule Change


  • Would you like to join the Rhythm & Rhyme family? Use this form to submit an application for employment.

Application for Employment



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