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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

       Each credentialed head teacher prepares lessons within thematic weeks to foster an experiential learning environment which will entice and enrich the young minds of our students. We use the Creative Curriculum to guide us in developmentally appropriate practices, as well as evaluate the progress of our students for parent / teacher confrences.


Children have the opportunity to work and play independently, or in groups, while learning to respect each other, take turns, and develop positive communication skills. At Rhythm & Rhyme, we provide a language rich atmosphere through books, music, art, drawing and writing. We also provide opportunities for children to explore diversity through multi-cultural holidays, celebrations, art, pictures, and music.


With an indoor an outdoor play area, the children have the opportunity to use their large motor skills, and in the classroom develop their fine motor skills. We strive to develop a child’s positive self image and support the expression of emotion in constructive ways.


At Rhythm & Rhyme we provide holistic care, and education, for each and every individual.

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