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"The Rhythm & Rhyme Childcare Center philosophy is based on the knowledge that children will develop emotionally, cognitively and creatively, through child-initiated activities, hands-on experiences and family-teacher partnerships. Positive, nurturing interaction with adults and children will foster and enrich their social skills. We believe that children need to be actively involved in learning through play in a safe, environmentally friendly setting."

          All children are unique. We strongly believe that by using their senses and individual intelligences our children will thrive and enjoy learning. Our classrooms have art, music / movement, and exercise daily with no added cost…  It’s all part of Rhythm & Rhyme. Whether your child is a budding scientist, musician, author, mathematician, philosopher, naturalist,  artist, or whatever their intelligence and interest may be, we have a place for every individual to explore, discover and learn.


          Children will also be part of the larger community through activities that involve families and local groups, as well as charitable endeavors that assist children, families, animals, the environment, and others that may need our help. We have an open door policy for approved visitors, such as family or firends, and regularly host events for children, teachers, and families to participate in together.


          For the health of our children, and to promote good nutrition we serve some of the purest water, 100% juice, organic milk and a healthy choice of snacks. We practice fire drills monthly, and have visits from the fire department, as well as other members of the community like doctors, dentists, and vets, to help us learn safe, happy, and healthy practices. 

Rhyth & Rhyme is family owned and operated since opening in 2007.

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Rhythm & Rhyme has been voted one of the best daycares and nursery schools many years!

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