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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I come visit?

We will be happy to provide a guided tour of our facility. You may inspect the building, meet the teachers, discuss any questions or concerns in detail, as well as see quality care and excellent early childhood education in action. Due to current restrictions, tours are scheduled per family. Once your child is enrolled, feel free to drop in anytime to visit, observe, and play! Contact us today to arrange your tour!

How much does tuition cost / what are your rates?

We bill a monthly tuition based on the the child's schedule and hourly rate. The hourly rate is configured on a sliding scale, so the more hours per week, the less the hourly rate. A tuition quote can be provided based on the child's age, and basic scheduling information. Please contact us for further details.


What are my schedule options?

We offer families the flexibility to choose a schedule that is right for them. A minimum of sixteen hours per week is required. Floating schedules are available, and may be provided weekly or monthly. All weekly schedules must be submitted by the Wednesday prior. Additional schedule changes must be made with at least twenty-four hours notice.


What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


What is security like?

Each of our classrooms and entrances are equipped with cameras. We have a single locked entrance into the building and two locked secondary entrances before access to any of the classrooms. Registered families have card key access for the main entrance and two secondary entrances. All visitors must ring the doorbell, and sign into the visitor log book. Authorized pick up persons will have their identification verified to ensure the safety of our children.


What are the class sizes?

We strictly follow the NYS child to teacher ratios. Infants are 4:1, Toddlers are 5:1, Three year olds are 7:1, Four and five year olds are 8:1, and school age children are 10:1. A second staff member will provide added supervision if the group exceeds the ratio for a single teacher. 


What is the classroom schedule?

The children have a varied schedule according to their age group. We rely on you to provide an infant schedule, so we know when your child normally eats and sleeps. The remaining groups have the schedules posted in their classrooms.  The teachers will be happy to explain the daily routine to you.


How long do the children nap?

According to state regulations, we must provide a sleep/quiet period for the children during the day. At Rhythm and Rhyme we allocate two hours per day for children 18 months - 3 years old for rest. Our 4 and 5 year old preschool children have a 1 hour quite time.


What about lunch?

Lunches are provided by the child's family or guardians. We encourage healthy choices, and do not allow candy or gum. We will heat microwavable lunch items. Refrigerated lunch items may be stored in the classroom refrigerators. Please label ALL lunch items.


What snacks are prepared?

We serve the purest water, 100% juice, and organic milk to drink. Our snacks are mostly organic and all natural. We provide fresh fruits and vegetables regularly, and strive to source them locally when available.


Can I contact the teachers?

We ask that you contact the main telephone number, whereupon we will transfer you to the appropriate classroom and you may speak directly with the teacher.  You may always speak with the teachers in person at any time.


What happens if my child is sick at school?

If your child exhibits illness which warrants them to be picked up, we will call the person and number you have indicated on your enrollment form. We will make additional calls to the emergency contacts listed if initial contact cannot be established.


What if an incident / accident occurs?

Incidents and accidents are documented in accordance with State regulations. If any serious incident or injury occurs the family will be notified immediately.


What if my child has / develops an allergy?

Please let us know immediately about any allergies.  All information will be documented, and communicated to your child’s teacher to ensure the utmost precaution.


What if my child needs medication?

Our directors are MAT trained to administer medications provided we have the proper medical consent forms (see forms). In a situation that requires immediacy, such as a high fever, a verbal consent may be obtained to administer medication.


When will my child transition to another class?

All children are unique, and develop individually. We consider both age and stage before incrementally transitioning a child from one group to another, because we want to ensure a smooth and comfortabel transition. We will assess and coordinate with families regarding the transition of each individual child.


What if my child’s teacher is absent?

Illnesses and emergencies do occur, and in the event your child’s teacher is absent, another staff member who is familiar with the class will substitute. There may also be occasions that your child will be assigned to a different class based on our ratios.


What holidays do you close for?

We DO NOT follow the Warwick school calendar. We close for a total of 11 days throughout the year. We have two-day holidays for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. We also close for MLK Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.


What is your inclement weather policy?

We will open despite most weather conditions. Registered families are asked to submit a contact form (see forms) for our automated messaging service that will inform them about delayed openings, early closings, or full closures. Barring a state of emergency, or a really severe storm, we will likely be open, but possibly with limited hours of operation.


Who do I speak to regarding schedules, medical forms, and tuition payments?

Please see the forms section for necessary paperwork. Please see, call, or email a director for any additional questions. Ms. Jess, Ms. Liz, and Ms. Sue will be happy to assist you. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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