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What is preschool in a daycare setting?

It is a combination of quality education...


We provide an enriching environment with fun and educational activities throughout the day.

Our school has a curriculumn in place for every age group that guides our staff in developmentally appropriate practice. Each classroom is lead by a credentialed head teacher that is certified for early childhood education. We also use the cirriculumn for assessments, and meet with our families for parent / teacher conferences to discuss the trajectory of development. Educational aspects begin in the infant room by teaching colors and shapes,  learning simple songs, and beginning self help skills, and continue to build into a full kindergarten readiness program for our 4-5 year old children.

...and the very best care.

We provide a nurturing and comfortable home away from home for the children in our care.

Every family is different, and has unique needs and wants for their children. Our families have the flexibility to craft a schedule that best suits them while knowing they will be recieving award winning care and education. Some families make a part time schedule because they are looking for a little socialization, and an introduction to a school setting. Some families make a full time schedule because they want quality early childhood education, but must also have care for an extended period of time.


Whatever your unique situation is, the Rhythm & Rhyme family is here for you!

Please explore our website for more information about the center.

Please feel free to contact us to find any additional information, or to arrange a guided tour.

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